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Cleaner Production Audits and ISO 14000
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A "Cleaner Production Audit" can be defined as:
"A systematic review of a company's processes and operations design to identify and provide information about opportunities to reduce waste, reduce pollution and improve operational efficiency"
A good Cleaner Production audit will:
Following the audit, factory staff can be trained in Cleaner Production measures by means of a video taken of their own practises and through the implementation of ISO 14000.
Although FIRI Consulting CC started the work in the fishing industry, the principals are now being applied to the wider food industry.
Factory Type Training (R) Factory modification(R) Saving/year (R) Water saving4
White Fish Factory 50 000  300 000  1 000 000 

33% Fresh water

 60% Sea water
Fish Cannery  20 000  250 000  250 000 75% Fresh water 
Table below shows average savings achieved through Danish Aid Organisation (DANIDA) funded training and implementation of changes in factories.

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