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Thermal Evaluation
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In the destruction of micro organisms by means of heat, it is important to know what the thermal process temperatures are and for how long the temperature has been maintained in the container. In the thermal evaluation of a product the worst case scenario is always used.

The first step in determining the process parameters is to evaluate the equipmet using a remote temperature probe that is placed in the thermal processing equipment in predetermined positions to find what is called the cold spot in the equipment. In the case of retorting, the probes are placed between the containers at various levels of the basket used for holding the products in the retort. After a retort cycle the temperatures are compared and if any deviations are found these are investigated to find the cause of the deviation.

Once the evaluation is done, the coldest spot is determined and this spot is used for the determination of the adequacy of the thermal process. A probe is placed in one of the product containers and filled with the product to be evaluated. The container is sealed and placed in the pre-determined cold spot of the processing equipment. The equipment is filled with product as per normal processing and the process cycle is started. At the end of the process cycle, the container with the probe is removed and the data analysed to calculate the efficacy of the thermal process.

From the results, the F0 and the PU value can be calculated. The results are recorded into a report that can be submitted to the authorities.

We can assist you with the testing of these parameters without disruption of your normal processing or production schedule.

The advantage of testing is that you can determine the correct processing time of your products, which could lead to a reduction in processing time or prevent unnecessary product spoilage as a result of under processing.

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All our thermal evaluations are accepted by the NRCS and FDA.