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Hygienic Equipment Design Training
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Of paramount importance in food manufacturing is the elimination of spoilage and pathogenic micro-organisms in the final product. Such contamination may arise from the raw materials or the processing environment, which includes food contact surfaces, the air, people and pests. Failure to control these factors may lead to product recalls, loss of sales or profit and adverse publicity.

The hygienic design of a food manufacturing plant and its equipment is one of the most important factors in the safe production of food. The use of unhygienically designed equipment results not only in food poisoning incidents but also in product losses due to spoilage. It is therefore in the interest of both the user and the manufacturer of food processing equipment to be aware of hygienic design principles and requirements.
At the conclusion of the course participants will:
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Production managers, factory managers and engineers, supervisors, sanitation and maintenance managers/engineers and quality control managers.
1 Day
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