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MPIII Temperature Probe
To control product quality, you have to control the process. For many manufacturing, storing, shipping and other processes, that require precise temperature monitoring, Datatrace Micropack III (MPIII) Temperature data loggers deliver. From chilling, freezing and room temperature to pasteurisation, F0 sterilisation and depyrogenation, MPIII TEMP(-20C to +140C), HiTEMP (+100C to +360C) and HiTEMP EXT (-20C to +400C) Data Loggers provide accurate data over a wide range wit remarkable ease. With three Temperature Data Logger models to choose from, Datatrace makes it easy to monitor processes across a wide spectrum of temperatures in a variety of different industries and products.
Improve Quality
The MPIII Temperature Data Logger provides accurate data to help you optimise food, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing processes. The closer the sensor is to the product, the more valuable the collected data. That's one reason the MPIII Temperature Data Logger is so small. Rather than mounting externally like most sensors, our wireless data logger easily fits inside a variety of packages.
Three unique models ensure precise monitoring across broad temperature ranges. Datatrace  makes it easy to monitor across a spectrum of temperatures in industries and applications such as:
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 Micropack III Temperature Data Logger
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