About Us
FIRI Consulting CC is a closed corporation that started operating on 1st September 2005. The company is 33% black owned and has a level four Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) status. We consult both to the fishing industry and to the general food industry. FIRI Consulting CC provides a number of services to these industries, ranging from physical analysis of food products to assistance with food production.

Together the three members of FIRI Consulting CC have more than 60 years experience in the food industry.

The fishing industry together with the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) started a research centre called the Fishing Industry Research Institute (FIRI) in 1947. This institute was controlled and funded by the fishing industry and operated as such until 1995. With the decline of the fishing industry in the 1990's, the CSIR took over FIRI in 1995. Under the Division of Food Science and Technology FIRI was operated as a program for ten years. In 2005 the CSIR restructured and the food engineering and consulting section was closed down. This gave birth to FIRI Consulting CC. FIRI Consulting CC was formed as an amalgamation of the engineering group and the food technology group, which broadened its scope to attract more income from consulting to the general food industries.

 FIRI Consulting CC
FIRI  Consulting CC   Members   LR Williams, CR Miller, WH Hall
Reg. No. 2005/107359/23
For a copy of our latest BBBEE Certificate please contact Whall@firi.co.za or Cmiller@firi.co.za